I see...with these two little eyes @MKPDE Planner Stickers. Remember the game your parents played with you when you were a child. This is a reminder that even though you are all grown up you can hold the onto the things you love. Like playing at the beach with a beach ball. A blanket in the sand to tan in and when you get home you realized you sunburned. You were having too much fun at the beach to notice. A snorkel and fins to see all the schools of fish in the water before you entered school again.  What fun this series will be. What a good addition to the @MKPDE Planner. I see...@MKPDE Planner Stickers have 11 stickers, measure approx. 4.5 x 5.5 inches.

I See....@MKPDE Planner Stickers/Labels

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