Entertainment I Do, Don't I?

Hi there, Readers;

How fun it is to think of that wedding day, when all the love you can ever imagine is being manifested before you. Will your guest be graced filled or will they be jealous and complaining of all you have been trying to create? The reality is there will be those guest who knit pick at the details and those that will be filled with grace. Those that only speak positive thoughts and those filled with only selfish heart hardening thoughts of self indulging, entertainment self critical reality TV type people. That is what makes a wedding planners job, important. We help are clients coop with the reality of the day, shield them from as much of the drama as possible, in order that the couple can at the moment of "I Do's" look into each others eyes and see love for each other. Not hear MOG or MOB saying 'You should have, You Could of, If only, I told you so..." the list can go on for days.

Entertainment is one of those areas where it will be worth your time to make sure what you are paying for is what you are getting. The way to do that is by knowing before hiring the person what you are looking for.






All these different types of people can be hired for a wedding. So what you think. They can also ruin you wedding if you don't hire the right one.

Questions to ask:

1. How punctual are you?

2. How do you like to be paid? (Once they know you want to pay them, they can relax. Many people try to bargain with them to lower their cost. It makes it difficult when it is your livelihood. Not much fun to be nickled and dimmed or even pennied for that matter.)

3. When do you like to be paid?

4. What type of Music to you specialize in? Not all musicians, dj's play all types of music.

5. What type of order do you play the music. How do you transaction between fast songs and slow for dances? (Some entertainers like to talk allot and be the spotlight of your event.)

6. How do you work the crowd?

7. Can I attend an event were you are preforming and watch you?

The better you feel about who you have hired the more relaxed you will be when the day of your wedding arrives.

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