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Hi there, Readers:

Everyone wonders why hire a professional for a job a high school graduate can do? Right? Here is why the PROPOSAL, the contract, Assurance you are Planning a successful event.

How do you know the difference between a good proposal and your negotiations?

The goal is not to test the vendor to give you their lowest price. It is to create a partnership between you and the vendor to create a day, event, wedding , meeting that has results. The results you have thoughtfully thought you want.

1. Have a clear picture of what you want, If you are hiring an event planner they might be helping you locate the venue, this is not always needed at the time of the Proposal or Negotiation.



2. Explain clearly your desired results. Listen closely to the words spoken. What are the prerequisites? What are the expectations? What are the results?

3. Goods and Services to be provided are to be unquestionable to be clearly defined.

4. Payment is to be clearly defined. Cost, payment schedule, form of payment and time of payment should be stated and defined clearly. (Financing Terms)

5. Effective Dates things will take place.

6. Identify any potential risk. Liabilities if they are known. I suggest you purchase event insurance or wedding insurances also known as "Marry Me" insurance.

7. Define and set of measurable expectations for the relationship currently and the future date of event.

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