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I signed up for a tweet webinar today. To help me under how a business is successful using tweet. The funny thing is I thought I was successful, then I talked with a client that gets referral. Here I am a woman who raises two young men, has planned events for non-profit businesses since college. From Galas, to fundraisers, to opening schools.What a blessing it has been.I supported many people through many things in life. Now the question is how to set goals for social media.

What does a victory look like? I assume that I don't assume. Is there a difference between a goal and victory. If on the way to reach the goal can one lose the victory? How does one stay in the social media game for business and achieve the victory. In advertising the goal is to figure out the return on the dollars spent. How does this relate to tweet? How does one convert tweet advertising to dollars and under the value and return on dollars spent. Or is it that one can just spend the money with no return?

Victory is defined by:

1 A clear and decisive win

2 One of three possible outcomes (lose draw)

"If you expect a kick in the nuts and get a slap in the face, its a victory"Goal is define as:It is a statement written down in order to achieve a state of being at a given point in time.

Unfortunately, only 3% of Americans have written goals. Those that have them are typically the most successful people."Michael Phelps achieved his goal of 8 gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

"In order to have a Victory you have to have a goal in mind, know how to measure the goal and decide if the results are victorious. Honestly I can't wait to see how tweet teaches goal setting for businesses.

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