Flowers for Your Table (Helpful Advice)

Hi there, Reader:

I am so blessed to have this employment were I get to use all my gifts and talents to produce events worthy of my clients. I am glad you are with me on this one because who wants to have an event without decor.

Decor ranges from ceiling to floor. It is so much fun to design a room that is eye pleasing to the guest, memorial to the clients planning it.Let's talk flowers. I have recently been trying to gather photos that I have taken throughout the years. I love talking weddings, events, flowers and all that makes things beautiful to the eye. It is the eye that is the window to soul of the client. It is important to know the client before deciding on the type of flowers.Many questions need to be asked before one can even begin to plan the type of arrangements to have at your event.

1. After you know what the theme is.

2. After you decide on the colors you will be using.

3. After you decided on the place, location, time.

4. After you decided on the budget you have.Begin to think about the floral arrangement you want.

5. What size floral arrangement you want. Measure the height and weight of the arrangement.

If you do not have the funds to pre-purchase one then measure an item, put it on the table and sit, look to see if you can see the person across the table from you. Do you want your guest to have a conversation? Or are you inviting couples that will not need to have conversations across the table.

6. Will you be having children at the tables? Can they reach the arrangements or will you have an area just for children?

7. The design in can be made to look old...vintage, new...modern, shapes, color, hues all affect the look of what you are trying to see.

8. In arranging the table decor be sure to arrange odd number items work best. (3, 5, 7) etc.

9. Be sure to consider the space between your guest. Sometimes guest feel uncomfortable when the have to sit too close together.

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