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Hi there, Reader:

It is always fun to try to become better than what we were. Right? The more mature I am in business, the more I realize the goal is to use our words in a way the person will hear us. Not what others want, what you want. What your mission in life is. When it gets confusing is when what you want isn't what the company that hired you wants.

The dictionary defines logo as: noun

noun: logo; plural noun: logos

a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.

"the Olympic logo was emblazoned across their jackets"


emblem, trademark, brand, device, figure, symbol, design, sign, mark


1930s: abbreviation of logogram or logotype.

"A logo is designed to represent you, your business your goals." Maria Kamon It's a moment when the saying "It's all about you." applies. Why because it represents you. It walks before you so to speak. How fun is that. Graphic designers help you design an image that represents you. I recently added a new blog design. Why you might ask?

Reasons Why I changed my blog design?

1. My business logo is a "Diamond Ring". The blessings and the pain it carries

2. Gold: a yellow precious metal, something considered to be precious, beautiful, or of the most superior quality

3. Diamond: Diamonds have been known to mankind and used as decorative items since ancient times. The hardness of diamond and its high dispersion of light Other characteristics, such as presence or lack of fluorescence Perhaps the most famous use of the diamond in jewelry is in engagement rings

As beautiful as wedding rings are they speak values to those listening to the truth, the commitment between the couple. However, in business it needs a voice. I needed a voice. I needed people to hear that I am a person with a voice an opinions. I represent people who hire me, pay me to do a service for their business, their life. My own thoughts. I am more than a wedding ring or a diamond, I am a business person running a business.

That has a business plan, goals, and steps to accomplish them. I want my business to represent certain things. I will stand behind a podium and share my experience if you'd like, however when it comes to MK Pure Diamond Events, I am representing my integrity in planning your event. Not always my opinion, just my expertise in planning your event, meeting, wedding, etc. There are things I represent.

1. The Business of Planning. 2. The Business of Organizing. 3. The Business of Decor. 4. The Business of my own Business.

I am good at what I do, as long as you stay out of my business. I will help you succeed at planning, organizing, producing your event.

I am sure if you are in business for yourself you might feel like I do. It is important for people to back you and help you, not be in your business.

For the rest of this blog or for more like it please visit our blog page.

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