Trending in Weddings (No to Social Media at My Event)

Hi There,

You know I love to talk about trends whenever possible. The funniest one right now in the trendy field of event planning is putting away the cellphones and all the trendy tweets, Instagram etc. and asking people to be with you in the moment. What a thought, that you share the most important moment in your life with the guest you have invited.

Cell Phone Case @MKPDE

As your guest nicely to put away their cell phones, cameras anything that can take away a single moment of your guest spending time with you. The thing is it is difficult to ask people today to not take pictures at your wedding. Is this because we are use to capturing things in our own way or because we have just become a society, that needs to talk about yourself constantly?

I have thought about our world today and what is important to individuals, even at a wedding. Most people tend to take pictures and post them right away. So their friends can know what they are doing. Is it really about the wedding, the couple the commitment they are making to one another or is it about or is it about the guest attend, trying to make their friends jealous, covet, desire what they have? Whatever the motive, you have spend hundreds, thousands of dollars on your day. You're about to say your vow and you hear the clicking of cameras. The worse part is at the reception, your having a good time and what is an innocent moment, someone takes a picture and it becomes something that didn't happen. How do you explain a picture away, when a picture spends a thousand words.

Here suggestions of ways you can ask your guest in a polite manner:

1. Include a note in your wedding invitation. "We would like you to be in the moment with us on this special day, in order to accomplish this we are asking our guest to please not use their cell phones, please leave it at home or check it in. We do not want our photo, our wedding on the Internet."

2. Have a check in area with receptionist. . Since we are serving alcohol at our wedding we are asking out guest to please turn in their keys and cell phones. Respecting privacy is very important to us. We prefer our wedding or event not be on the Internet."

3. Thank you for respecting our privacy and the privacy of our guest, please do not take pictures and put our day on social media. We would like to keep this day private between us and our guest.

4. Today we invite you into one of the most Romantic Day of our lives. Please respect our day by not taking pictures and putting it in social media.

All these methods of asking someone to respect your privacy should be acceptable. No should mean it is unacceptable, Stop not permitted, do not violate. Social media on the negative does that to your personal life. Especially, if not respecting the person. A wedding is about the commitment the couple makes to each other, the love, they have and want to experience together. If they have children then it is still about what they hope for, want for each other, the love for each other and their children. I have never asked a couple what they have want in their lives, in their commitment to one another and heard the answer, "Social Media". I advice you to think about the intimacy of a wedding the act of getting in front of all the guest and saying you love someone enough to have witnesses hear you. Movie Stars get paid a lot of money for being public people. Will your friends provide a living for you or take it away?

If you enjoyed reading this blog, please click on a sponsor. Tell a friend book and appointment, take a positive step in making your life better. Celebrate the day! The Man or Woman you are about to marry not the "false" fame social media brings you. If you are upset by this blog, then you must be making money at social media. It was not intended to get rid of social media it is to claim it has a place in life. It just might not be at your event.

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