What Do Wedding Planners Do? Looking at your budget?

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I laugh at this though, I just had a phone call yesterday from a young woman who is about to get married. I delight talking with brides about their wedding day. About the planning process and about the reality of planning their wedding. Then this morning I awake to my usual devotional. How I rejoice at the God perfect timing. My pastor's devotional was perfect. His devotional was about avoiding the Toll Road of Divorce! This may be the path where professional in the workplace and belief cross. Is it a wooden cross? For me, personally it is deeper than an outward symbol. You cross my believes I have the right to defend. You offended me. Wedding planners plan weddings for many different types of faith. My personal beliefs do not enter into it unless you ask. I will tell you upfront. I am a Christian. A believer in the Bible. Respect. I will not try to change you, please don't try to change me. If you ask me I will share my faith, it is what I am called to do. Share John 3:16 and what it has done for me. Respect.

What is it exactly that event planners do? What is it that wedding planners do? Why did we choose this profession in the first place? The first thing is getting people to believe in what I do as much as they believe in a preacher. I am there for the bride and groom, however I have to respect the person who is paying for my services and sometimes that is not the bride and groom.

I do not give things away free except for the things that are free. My time is very valuable to me, so is my faith. I expect to be paid and respected for my knowledge. You should hire this event planner if you are looking for.

1. Someone to help you establish your budget. Lying to us about how much money you want to spend only make it difficult in the planning process. The average event planner changers between 10-15%. Telling us you only have a certain amount to spend and then spending more will only frustrate and break the legal contract between us. The higher the budget the greater the responsibility. Although, a wedding is planned with the same basic principals, the time, design, venue, etc demand more because they are costly. It does not mean I am discriminating it means I am respecting and providing a service according to what the client/customer is paying for.

Wedding Day Entering into a Contract | Commitment

2. Divorce, I am not in the business of divorce. That is how I see what happens when MOB (Mother of the Bride) and the MOG (Mother of the Groom) don't get along. My goal in the situation is to help both parties be satisfied with the wedding they are about to attend. Sometimes that means counseling the couple or the families on appropriate behavior. Sometimes, that means acknowledging that one of the families wishes they weren't marrying the person, therefore it is helping them put aside those emotions | differences and being focused on the moment. I stand with pastors on this one. It is not my place to put your marriage up for divorce. I take it very serious. It is a commitment between the couple. A contract of sorts. I don't break those do you?

3. I help you accomplish the goals you have for your wedding. I know it sounds unemotional. The more unemotional you can be in the wedding planning process the more success you will have. The emotion belongs between you and your beloved. The man or woman you are about to marry. Not between the wedding planner and you. It does bring up sentiment and feelings of love in all those involved.

4. It is a serious business. Serious commitment. There are contracts with every vendor, person who will be producing your wedding. Serious business. It takes a lot to plan for people to have fun. It doesn't just happen overnight.

5. My job is to equip you for that day. To help you prepare for that day. To provide you with the best service I can possibly provide.

Depending on what you choose it would include the things on the website. Otherwise it is a contract we design especially for you. If you decide you are worth my service call me.

Additional photos on other blog: http://www.mkpurediamondevents.blogspot.com

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