Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Shine so bright,

Brighter than the nights.

How I wish you'd light my path,

Right with the joy of Christmas.

Christmas is the light of the year

For those that know the reason

What would you say if I told you

I miss my child this year.

His sudden death left this mom

Without desire to worship.

They thought it would teach me a lesson,

That Jesus Christ could be you.

Instead they took it out on my child

Because he knew the truth.

That Jesus in the Bible,

Doesn't mean it's the son a woman gives birth to.

My son was and will always be forgiven,

He was too young to understand the evil

Men could bring him.

How do I know the difference,

The Holy Spirit tells me.

What would the spirit do if I and others are lied too.

Then there not be believers,

just evil doers.

If there are evil doers then would that really make me worship?

Christmas Lights

Shine so bright,

Brighter than the nights.

Dedicated to Dustin Kamon

Thank you for allowing me to watch you witness!

Jonh 3:16

September 25, 1987-November 12, 2014

I am bless you know the truth! Dedicated to Dustin Kamon, November 12, 2014


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