Trending in 2015 for Events

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It is important to know what is trending the year you are planning your event. Trends change the way you may look at your wedding, event, or meeting. It's looking at life and keeping up with the times, venue and the vendors you will be hiring.

Flowers: Large Boquets for the bride.

Lighting: Lights continue to monogram the couple name, along with color lighting to embrace the colors the bride is using.

Music: Music like always is a personal choice and can be a way for the couple to express their feelsings or taste. Theme songs are always an appreciated assest. weather you are having a meeting or event.

Venue: Venues: Venues are a personal taste. You can era it. Meaning some venues are able to transfrom you event to an era or trend you believen in or follow. There are venues you can choose, from the ocean to the dessert, from the mountains to the sea. Venues are one of the most important things you want to check on. Decide, carfully and make sure it has the abily to meet your needs.

Event Planners: There are questions you should look for. Does the person have integrity? Do they want to upsale you? Reviews aren't always a sign of a good event planner. Reviews only mean the person asked the client to take the time to write one. Not all event planners do that. No all people what their clients / customers revieled. Some perfer to protect their privacy. Check carefully. Make sure you interview. If you question if you should hire one. Know this. The event planner is there to help you. Protect your interest when


ever possible.

Invitations: Invitations, the matrix solution of ordering invitations has provent to be successulful. It can custust design and invitation from paper, type, ink, or custom it can be customize to be perfected for your event. Along with personal service you can create exactly what you want. Look at the samples at:!invitations-san-diego-weddings-events/cwql

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