Romantic Honeymoon Locations

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Before the romance of planning the wedding dies with all the stress obligations and financial restrictions of the reality of every day living, consider where you will be spending those first few weeks. Are you into the sea, desert, mountains or rain forest.

Today, I would like to write about lands I think are some of the prettiest in the world. What is your favorite.

Are you having a "green" color wedding? Why not carry it into your honeymoon. Visit "Ireland"

Irland.jpg Land, see and green everywhere. Very different from the California coast filled with people who love and are proud of themselves, their heritage and the blessings upon their land.


"St. Lucia", sky mountains waterfalls seclusion.

How close are you? Do you know enough about each other? Maybe the honeymoon is where you will really get to know each other. Do you just like laying around and not doing anything? Are you the more adventurous type type, who enjoys being active. Kissing and hugging maybe fun, however under a waterfall makes it a completely different experience.


"Puerto Rico" worth visiting you can see all of the island, from the beautiful beaches to the Ancient of days, it doesn't get more historical then El Morro. You can go dancing...if your into the stereo type of Puerto Rico and salsa dancing or you can become more culturally smart and educated trying all it has to offer. Scuba diving, beaches, surf, beaches with no waves mountains, rain forest, camping, hiking or what ever you'd like to do. The casinos are nothing like Las Vegas, and the island is nothing like the stereo typical "West Side Story" the movie that made Puerto Rican's look like low class uncaring people who couldn't and wouldn't accept other cultures. The reality is much different then that. They are a caring people who understand the importance of their island and have a "Goal" to become the 51st state. Why because they are one of the most historical places in the United States an island filled with US History and love for the United States.

Here are three of my picks for 2015!

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