Monday! Monday!

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Monday, Monday so good to me! Monday Morning was all I hoped it would be.

What is the correct day for a:






Religious Event

We are always about the etiquette in formal events, I am a believer in etiquette. The proper conduct for the event you are planning. Number of people, Seating, Invitations the formality of this in events creates events that are orderly, people know what to expect, what not to expect, how to behave, how not to behave.

Still with this people will still choose to rebel.

This is where I believe angels wings come in. It is knowing that the day that you choose to plan your event has nothing to do with the day of the week the event is on.

It doesn't matter if your event is on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. It has more to do with how you feel about the day. Etiquette wise it is important for you to consider how the day of the week will affect your:




Hotel Stay


Is the day about you only or you and all who attend?

Monday, it is so good to me! The day this person felt is the best day of the week for them. Good things happen on this day. Some feel it is Friday, others Wednesdays and others Sunday. It is about making the event you are planning special for yourself.

What day is good to you and did an angel have something to do with that? Say Thank you!

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