Elegance vs Formal


Elegance vs Formal,

What is the differnce in a society that is filled with casual.

In California there is event the the words "California Attire" that can be placed on invitations. Meaning the event is not formal or elegant it is California another word for casual. No jeans. Kind of like "Causual Friday's" at work.

However, when you want your event to be elegant do you really want someone dressed in jeans attending?

The problem is that words bring up images in our minds and for many the only formal thing they attended was prom.

For other formal is who they are.

Urban Dictionary difineds Formal:

"An occasion where highschool students.. usually of their last years.. gather along with teachers to socialize, dance, eat, and maybe tell speeches. Pretty much a celebration of graduating, how ever some schools have year 11 formals.. and even year 10 formals! Dress code is formal (opposite to casual) hence the name. Some countries call it the Prom, but in Australia its called the Formal. Girls dress up in nice dresses and take a partner who wears a tie that matches the girls dress and sometimes brings along a corsage for the girl to wear.. most girls find it super sweet and exciting."

I enjoy this dictionary, because of it's in modern english language, ability to discribe what it is in trend right now.



"The state or quality of being elegant; beauty as resulting from choice qualities and the complete absence of what deforms or impresses unpleasantly; grace given by art or practice; fine polish; refinement

Mostly, this envolves being beautiful, pretty, graceful, and being very womanly. Elegance."

How does this affect what you ask your guest to wear to your event?

You have to put yourself in the place of your guest. Ask yourself a simple question. What type of experience do I want to have if I were a guest at my own wedding?

1. Formal?

2. Elegant?

3. Casual?

If any of these words disbrib clothing to you vs behavaior then that is what you put on your invitations. If it is behavior you are trying to discribe this too can be expressed by the type of clothing you are requesting of your guest. When your ready to order invitation, contact MK Pure Diamond Events we can provide you with anytype of invitation you would like along with event planning services. We can help you express what you the appreance you are trying to create for your guest.

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