Vegetarian vs Meat Eaters


I took this really cool photograph of a vegetarian sandwich I was about to get. It got me thinking about the difficulties of planning an event and coordinating the guest RSVP's. What is the perfect solution for the people in your guest who:

Don't RSVP

Don't choice

Don't confirm number of guest attending

Don't tell you their food choice



Do you choose for them, decide for them, ignore them?

If you choose for your guest. There is a chance you make the wrong choice and on the day of your event the cheif will hear about it.

Or the guest wanting attention will create a scene.

Or they will tell all their friends how bad you treated them at your event. What a bad person you are after all they did .....

This is just one reason to but all those unansered RSVP's in a box. (Yes, I bet you thought I would tell you its just another reason to hire an event planner.) It is the perferct moment to do that however, that is my belief. Hiring an event/wedding planner will make your day less stressful and more fun.

Now with that said, take a day or night.

Sit at the table or a place you can spread out.......the RSVP's.

Get your favorite snack and drink.

Get the box of RSVP's that are missing information

Call each person ask them what you need to know.

Faster than email, more personal your letting them know you care.

Do this three time or until you reach everyone.

If you haven't reached the person by phone then write an email or US Mail note. Yes, it's allot of work. It adds that special tough that you care enough to take the time. With society making this fast, it is a way to slow down the social meadia of the wedding and the fast pace of it all and saying I care enough about you to call. I believe Kim Kardasian would take the time to do this if she thought someones feeling were hurt or needed attention. She hired a wedding planner, in order for this not to happen. She wanted a person who would take the responsibility, control and coordianate the day, in order that she could focus on te people who where attending her day. The people who are attending her event.


Chickent Dinner

Edemimie Chicken Sqcres

Cooridinating, vegetarian, fish, beef or chicken is a little toublesome for some people who are listening to others while tring to sort things out. It is best left to a moment when things are:



Feeling Positive

Supported with what you want to accomplish.

This will help your day, wedding, event, celebration, meeting, seminar be as joyous as you desire.

Cakes, figs, dessert

Treats, Candy. sweet

Wedding Cake

Tart.sweet or is it sour?

Now that the planning is all done.....Enjoy! Get fat or skinning what ever your body type is, thats not whats important. What's important is what, and how you made your guest feel and how you treated those around you durring the planning process. At the end of the day, it is more important to feel good about the day that took you a year, or six months, or a month, or time to plan.

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