Put Away Secretly vs Publicly

I once read a story about a woman who was successful at being who God intended that men wanted what she had. The debated if they should put her away publicly or privately. It may sound silly, mean or cruel, depending on her view point.

How does a business keep it's integrity and still have a successful business?

1. Do you seek the advice of the all mighty dollar by letting the public know how much you made?

2. Do you secretly seek "Franklin" and seek the knowledge within the "book" or books to help you understand the ups and downs of business.


3. It is this person's belief you first have to seek book knowledge to understand the difference between publically or privately?

4. What is the difference?

Public Business

1. How many companies seek public image over private?

2. What image do you want your business to have?

3. How successful to you want to become?

4. What price do you want to pay?

Some people believe the success of a woman is determined by intellegence? Sex? Ability to speak out? Others by her meekness? Quietness? Obidence? What if a woman is listening truth? Is her success due to truth vs reality?

The importance, of "Integrity" does not define itself by gender, neither does "Character".


Doing the right thing even when nobody's looking.


an interesting eccentric person

Truth does not always seek "social trends" or a "wad of money". Truth seeks reality, integrity in what they do which develops character and the trates that come with these qualities.

Snowy Mountain Peaks

Character traits are related to personality of the person.


Focus on the positive character traits to get the best result. In business what do they do? It goes back to your "mission statement" some people call it a "tag", if your company is a negative it will focus on these character traits.

A leader or person who likes to be in charge may have the following character traits:

What one person sees as a fault is anothers person's reward. "There are awards given in life that are just gotten from living day to day and having the experences which have developed these traits in others.

What does this have to do with business? You, your employees, your product or service have to see what you produce to understand the importance of these traits. In my business, planning events there is all of these things. Events have many people and people have many traits, each individuals, experiencing their own. I let it be known when I first meet my client or customers that I have integrity, therefore, if they want me to lie to their parents about the cost of planning an event I won't do it.

It is important to understand who you are hiring, what you want them to represent and if they have integrity or not.

Are they public or private? The one thing I do know is work without pay is unacceptable even to you!

or does it look like this?


To read about a children's character visit: Maria Kamon Photography Blog Summit

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