All in a Hand Shake

I was thinking about what it meant to be a mom on Mother's Day, when I pick up the newspaper to read it. What do I read an article about a man I met in my youth who had changed my view point on education. We had lived in California for a few months. My mother, sister and I were living at my grandmother's house when a friend of the family came to visit.

Louis Munoz, an educator, who beleived that their are stereotypes in the world and lived his whole life fighting the stereo types to enrich the lives of Puerto Ricians and break the berriors that keep people stuck in such thoughts that color, race, education are the reason why a culture or race is used over another. Now the times, were the sixties and these battles were real and public. Much like today. The battles still excist today, we are just more hidden about our feelings, more publicly correct, they use to call it (PC) or civil. We pretend it didn't excist or doesn't excisit because it is in a different part of the world, or a different state. However, it still excisit and it's in your local schools just under a different name, the Urban dictionary now has many words to discrib what one word said so well.

World Peace

  • sterotypes

  • emo

  • sterotypical

  • stereotype

  • asian

  • goth

  • racist

  • poser

  • black

  • racism

  • scene

  • cheerleading

  • cool

  • indian

  • mosher

  • nigger

  • race

  • smart

  • sterotyped

  • teenager

  • How amazing it is to think that one handshake would change a child's life. To believe they are:

  • capable

  • intellegent

  • smart

  • able

  • can do all things

  • educated

  • sophisticated

  • not accepting of stereotypes

  • can break "cultural" boundries

  • can become anything they want

  • can do all that they can do

  • strong

  • understanding

  • non comprimizing

  • have integrity

He taught that a human does not have to listen to anyone who tells them they can't.

Palm Reading

Did he do this through palm readings? No! it was business. It was his business, education was his business and through that if fought for his people. His believes, education was a way out of the gettho. Today are youth try to do it with money.... they don't equate the power of education, handshake and money.

Extending a Handshake

In business today, we offer our hand to shake the other persons hand when we meet them, to greet them.


We we complete a business deal or sign a contract.There is usually a hand shake to say you are both in agreement.

hand shake

When introduced to a person at a confrence or special event one usually shakes their hand.

Friendly Handshake

One of my favorite, only because I taught for so long, when you meet a child one should shake their hand as a sign of recognition and repect. I know it may sound silly, however if you expect a child to respect an elder or adult, then why shouldn't the adult or elder respect the child.

What as a business are you saying with a hand shake? I represent my business and I have these qualities.

1. Integrity?

2. Honesty?

3. A Good Service for a Good Price?

These are the qualities I hope my business respresents. What do you want your employees, clients, customers to walk away saying about you.

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