Three Little Pigs (Party & Shower Themes)

Once upon a time in a land far away, it was quit where the children play and there were three little pigs...

Do you know the story or the words to the song?

Party themes for children and or baby showers.

I loved this theme as a child. I thought it was the smartest story children could learn. Then it came to raising my own children and I like many other forgot about the classic storys. Today, I think it is one of the funnest shower and party themes there can be. Why? Even in planning an event there are all these characters.

The three little pigs: The people planning the event. "No Fear" . Event planners get asked all kinds of things if they would plan them. This also could be you and your people wanting the party. Learn to say NO!

Wolf: Those that want to work without pay. The wolf wants it all without helping the three pigs succeed. He doesn't like the "No" or Obey the "No". He wants what he wants even using force. Today this method is illegal and we laugh about it in stories. In reality event planners have the law on their side and report any illegal action to the police.

It's a classic story of the labors and the theif. Now how does this apply to children's theme party, baby showers. It looks beautiful when you create it. The lesson is a good one to be learned. Integrity is the most important thing a person can have.

1. Think about what classic theme you would like for your celebration. It's classic, why do I suggest this. It will be around the entire time your child is growning up. Maybe, it would be ducks. Maybe it's turtles, it could be a classic children's book. The goal is to have a theme you or the child will remember for many year. There is nothing wrong with trendy themes they are perfect. Who knew "Disney" would produce classics back in 1933. I wasn't even thought of in my mother at the time. Pick something you can appreciate or the person planning it is gifting you with.

2. For the self doers make your own cake ahead of time. For example you can do many of the items ahead of time like the video.

I thought of placing the pictures I have however these video's are much better. Why redo something someone has already done? I say why not help out another business when ever possibile. This video is "10 Best Cakes" by Duchess DIY If you don't want a make the cake check with your local baker.

3. Now you have the theme and how to make the cake. You have the colors you'll be using. It's time to figuire out where you can purchase or rent certain items you will need.

What will you need.

a. Invitations Name, Cards, Name Tags, Menu Cards, Itenary Cards

b. Tables & Chairs

c. Linen & Floral

d. Placesettings

e. Gift bags

f. Item's to place in the bags, My favorite rather than this is to purchase one quality gift for your guest if it is an adult party. Who need's lots of little toys, or items that will be thrown away. (If it is a children party the gifts should represent an appropriately age gift. Please make sure toddler gifts are not a choke hazard.

g. Guest Book I perfer the modern version where the guest takes a photograph and signs it or a beatiful picture of the person and the guest sign the matt frame all around it. There is the selfie where you can upload them onto websites and then have a book printed from it.

h. Make sure there is a person collecting the gifts and when time to opened them they write on the gift card the gift they gave. Also have another person writing it down on paper.

For an event where you don't have to work all the details call MK Pure Diamond Events

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