MKPDE for BBB (Better Business Bureau)

What is an indidual business woman suppose to do when the Better Business Bureau ask for a video in order that they may post it on their website. The maketing company I had hired no longer made them, even though there promotion said they did. Business like people change with time. I repected the fact they gave me credit for the cost of the video. I am one who enjoy's taking photograph and would consider myself a deciet photographer. I wouldn't say I am a wealthy or over the top photographer, just one who enjoys taking photographs and knows the difference between a really good photographs and one that is just okay. This video has both. Classes taken in college and after graduation help make be who I am.

Kizoa Video Maker made putting these photographs together to tell a little about what MK Pure Diamond Events is really about. I have to tell you their templetes make the process so easy. I would recommend this company to any of the brides and groom or events I plan. It is awesome for people who get the photographs and don't know what to do with them. I have the thought that any event is worth taking photographs of. When you do. People tend to give them to the person. I myself have done this for friends. Within hours this was done. I know the next time I use it it will be faster and maybe better.

Hope you enjoy this video and give Kizoa a try. Let me know if you like it.

Let me know what you think. Email your thoughts to

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