2016 Formal Fashion (For Men Only!)

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I do! events, I do! weddings, I do! love what I do!


This season's tuxedo's are a little sliker, thin lines. Beware men they have a slim fit. The colar stands up straight, stands tall slim and surprisingly thinner than last season. With Calvin Kline and other brands photograph here.


The Black Texeduo by Vera Wang, is the perfection of the ultimate "Men's Texedo" for a formal wedding. It has the glamour, romance, and the expectation of feel.


This texcedo is a dark grey, what some call gun metal. However, the style is still a flattering color for a young groom who doesn't want to wear the traditional formal color of black, even though it is a formal event.


Greg... the lighter shade, what do you choose. It is considered perfect for a daytime wedding. An event just What is it that you would like for your event? I want you to know it probably excists. The fun part about weddings it is that tradition has changed when it comes to clothing. Like the brides dress doesn't have to be white, neither does the man's tux have to be black. Please note: Tuxedos in white excist. Men can and do dress in white tuxcedos if they choose.

The monocramatic look is in. Vest, matches the tuxedo coat. "However, for spring and summer you can use a bight and color tie." says Mario from Men's Wearhouse. That means if you are having a wedding this spring or summer you can still match the girls dress with the texedo vest or ties. Depending on the style and creatvity of your groomsmen. Not interested in tuxcedo's want a suit...perfect place, they have a large varity to choose from.

The fun thing to do is match the tie, vest, and socks with bight colors. I know it isn't consider approprite to not have a men's sock match the tourser or pants, however for a formal event it does give the sence of a whole look. Playful way to play with color.

Some may ask why Men's Wharehouse. I ask, why not. They have both rental's tuxedo's for those who don't want to purchase them. They offer the abity to purchase designer and taylor fit. There is nothing more attractive than a man in a fitted tuxedo. Whatever, size it if fit's correctly and a man carries himself with confidence he is an attractive.

"Dress for Success" is what I alway's say.

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