Bridesmaid Cost (Before You Say Yes To The Dress!)


My best friend just asked me to be her braidesmaid. I am happy she thought of me. I have many questions. Where do I begin asking her? How? When? Where? Cost? Responsibilities? What do you expect? What do I want to give? Can I really do this? I want to, do I really want to? It's how much fun? How many problems will it bring.


1. Bridesmaids are expected to attend all events. Attend having a happy face and being polite to those the bride invites. It doesn't mean you have to like everything. It does mean you can tell her when it appropriate. Maybe, don't tell her at all depending on the importance of what you want to say in the big picture of it all. Why make her dream, not as beautiful as she imagined. If you can't attend something tell her right away, that way she will not take it personally. Same thing about affording it. If there is one single hesitation about it talk with her when it is just the two of you as soon as possible. You can find out exactly what she expects.

2. The average cost of a bridesmaids dress is $200.00+. To this you have to add shoes, purse, hair piece, jewlry, misc. You can easily spend $500.00+.

3. Gifts: Wedding gift, Shower Gift, Bachlorette Party Gift, and any other gift you might want to give her as a girlfriend gift. This is one of those things that is so personal it is hard to put a price on it. I tell my brides to add in an additional $500.00-$1000.00. Yes, you are still expected to give gifts to the bride. You can't expect that just becaue you are a bridesmaid you don't have to give her a gift.

4. Time: All the gifts mentioned above are for events that are part of the wedding planning. Your time will be expected. This I can't put a price on. Each person values their time in a different way.

It is about what you are able to do. Sometimes, a polite no thank you is better than in the middle of the commitment dropping out. It is also better than loosing a friend over her wedding. You might just love her enough to say "No" thank you. However, I will do as much as I can to help you succeed.

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