Bridal Party Gifts (Lingerie Bag)

I was shopping for a brides wedding party gifts and couldn't come up with a uqigue gift for each of the woman I was working for. The bride had me come up with several ideas, however because they had known each other for so long the gifts I came up with were not good enough...meaning they were token's they would just put on a shelf or leave in the box and make it next years white elephant gift.

White Lingerie

Lingerie, what we woman wear our man. This item so private we love the way we look and feel in it. We should love the way we feel and look in it for our man. The problem is it takes a healthy woman to feel good and know she looks good in her lingerie.

Black Lingerie

White or black....what color should we wear on our honeymoon? What will you be doing? How many should we take? What will he think? What does he want? What will turn him on? Forget him what will turn me on because when I am he is. All questions that your wedding planner does not have answers for nor does she want to get involved in the actual act of suducing your fiance. However, in this case we came up with the gift of "Lingerie Bag"(click on this link)

Lingerie Bag, This little traveling tool that keeps your fine, sexy or non-sexy, expensive intimate attire save from harm. It is a personal thing between you and your man. Yes, I am very much of my own thoughts on the matter. Not to tear down the "Caitlin's of the world. However, are the Caitlin's tearing wedding tradition down? If this is offensive, that is not my intent, wedding planners get asked to do many thing for their client. We help with ever detail. Their are some things in the workplace that should be kept private. That is not the point to this blog.

I am not here to sell Lingerie Bags (click on the link)

I am here to tell you they make a nice gift. They keep your private matters separate from public. They allow you to be a private person. As brides and wedding planning come along friend ask many questions during all the festivities. I am here to say you don't have to share everything. You can keep things to yourself. Keep your honeymoon night all to yourself, it should be a private, itimate moments between you and your husband.

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