Event Goals (Before You Hire a Planner)

Everyday, I have event people who call me who want "Free" items. The anwer is NO!

Wedding Tent

What is it exactly that you think event planners do? Plan your event for free? Sorry to inform you would you work for free? I ask you, report to your employeer Monday, tell them for the rest of my life I will work for free for you! See, what he says. In the meantime, before you talk with an event planner about what you want for your event, have these things written down to discuss.

Provence Style Dinner Set

1. Type of event.

2. Date of event.

3. Time of event.

4. Budget

5. Approximate type of people attending. Children and Adults

Cocktail Event

Everything else can be decided together.

Fancy Desserts

The reality is it takes months, sometimes years to plan an event, therefore you want to be smart what you are asking for. Food, catering, every placesetting is unique to the client.


Flowers, design, looks, colors, venues all the application of creativity.

Budget Talks

Budget and power. Budget has buying power. Buying power will get you vendors, dress, decor, an experience you and your guest will never forget. Don't ask the event planner to work for free. That's not what your asking for. Your asking her to give you something that belongs to her. Your paying for what you want. We paid for the right to plan events. Training, school, certifications...we are not asking you to give us something from your employement for free. After you tell your employeer that you will work for free for him for the rest of your life, then come talk to me about What free items you will get. The answer is nothing....all the same thing I get from people I ask for free items from.

Now that you understand the basic of what is needed to plan an event, I look forward to having a free consultation with you.

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