Picnic Power for Panels (Board Executives)


It's summer, you still have to have your monthly board meetings. Life at work doesn't stop because its summer. Call MK Pure Diamond Events we will help you plan all the details.

Perfect Picnic

MK Pure Diamond Events will plan your picnic. You put your agenda together and we will plan all the rest of the details. Excecutive meetings normally take approximately 2-3 hours. While your discussing the details, let MK Pure Diamond Events plan the details of what caterer, entertainer, and meeting space.

Your outside and its a beautiful day why not Jump into a Corporate Business Picnic.


Picnic are fun for the entire family. We can assist you with all the details. Food, location, seating, games, tent, and activities and entertainment.

Your company can use it to build will:

1. Employee moral.

2. Team Building

3. Company support

4. Understanding that the company is more than just about the product or service.

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