Groomsmen (Ready Set Go)

The price of being a groomsmen. Ready, Set, Go! What a tough job for anyone who played sports understands the importances of a good sports game. Without a good quaterback, a good pitcher, a good team player there would not be a good or fun sport. Sports would not excist. It doesn't matter if it's woman or men's sports does it? To some it does. The most important thing is to learn the rules and just like in sports being a Groomsmen for a wedding has rules too.


Groomsmen role is different than the "Grooms" role in the wedding planning process. Yes, its fun and games, however you might be more important than what you think for the "Groom". Without a tema there is no game. Without a game then what would me do? Watch?....Lets leave that one alone and talk about the reality of a Groomsmen.


1. You stand by the groom and support his decision to say "I Do" or "I Will". This is the most important moment in his life and like you don't want the pitcher to pitch a bad pictch or the quarterback to fumble you shouldn't want your groom to run from his wedding day

2. Two you must attend all the functions or activities the groom ask you to. This might mean, wedding showers, dinners, get togethers, any thing where he feels he will need support. Like a good team player you are expected to attend with a smile on your face and a good attitude and behave appropriately. Always remembering to be on the groom's side in helping him accomplish his goal. That means your goals are put on the sideline til the resception when you can put on your party mentality.

3. There is a cost envolved. Tux rental, bachlor party, a suit to attend dinner and showers if asked. Wedding gifts (Yes, like the bridesmaids you are expected to give a wedding gift) every time you attend and event. If you can't attend let him know with pleanty of time.

Cost of Groomsmen:

Tuxcedo Rental : $185.00+ Can run as high as $400-500.00

(coat, pants, shirt, vest, neckwear, shoes and stud and cufflink set. If you choose a cumber bun or tie the cost will be different.)

Shoe Rental: ( I personally like to suggest to groomsmen to purchase ones with a good sole that can be worn with your suit. However, if pat n leather shoes will be worn it is not a traditional suit shoe. Discuss with groomsmen, so he can represent your opionion with the bride.) Good shoes run $200.00+ rental cost: $25.00-$50.00

Padre Game

Charger Game

Cost of Gifts: I recommend helping the bride and groom build their placesettings.

Place Setting run between $158.oo+ or asking the groom if he is going to purchase a house/home and giving a nice monetary gift toward this. If the later will be used make sure that it is an actual savings account designated for such a gift and not to them directly, as it often gets used in extra money for their wedding rather than for their future.

4. Cost of a "New Suit" I personally recommend "Men's Warehouse", why because of their pricing partly, mainly because they allow men to figuire out if they like designer suits or just off the rack suits. The fit is different. Plus they can custom alter it. The same thing with tuxcedos. For many young men it is the first time in a tuxcedo. It is important you don't make a joke about even if you are look great. The size and fit of the tuxcedo is as important as the comfort. Take the time to do this early, so you can try on more than one. Different designers design for differently body types. What is great about all this is men, don't like to shop. (Sterotype of men) Once you learn the designer you like visit there store and try on what they make. Still not sure then ask for advice. It is just as much about confort as it is about fit. A suit should make you feel, confortable, confident, successful, important, present, strong, all your best qualities. If it doesn't it is not the suit for you. There are some wedding planners that will attend the fitting with you if you need help, for an additional fee. It is important for you to be fit into the team member role and it will last you for many other important occasions.


5. During the wedding you will be asked to show the guest to their seat. If someone ask directions to the restroom, where they can have a glass of water, a quiet place to seat, you will be expected to tell them. At the reception you will be asked to be part of the dancing with the 'couples dance'. If the bride and groom choose you might be asked to give a toast or speach. You may also be asked to decorate the honeymoon suite although some couples let the mom's of the bride and groom to do this. After the reception you may be asked to gather all the tuxcedo's and return to rentle company, although most event planners make the individuals resposible for their own clothing. However, if the bride made the decorations she might ask you to help with the clean up. It is important to ask this ahead of time.


6. After the reception, after the honeymoon, there is one more responsibilty the newlyweds might ask you for. To help them settle into their new place. Many couples do this ahead of time. However, if you were asked to gather the wedding gifts they will ask you to bring them to their house. Many couples invite their wedding party and family to open up gifts and celebrate their new home.

7. Social Media: Make sure you find out what the bride and groom what to do with this and follow appropriate etique set by them.

Welcome to your New Life Mr.& Mrs.

8. Remember to have a good time. It is suppose to be fun. A little stress comes along with that. The goal is to stay friends for the rest of your lives. That why appropriate behavior is so important at every event. Your backing your best man and he is marring his best girl. That is the goal of dating to find your best girl.

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