Let's Party 123

I love planning parties. Not just over the top parties although extreme parents are fun to work with. Children's parties are some of the funnest times. You plan an event like it will be scene through the eye of a child. The average child doesn't get a birthday party with an event planner. Why should I hire MK Pure Diamond Events? We are not the average child.

Happy Birthday!

One of the funnest parties is when a family gets to spend time together. During the party. How does this happen? You have asked an event planner to plan the day. Otherwise you are doing it all yourself.

Hot air Balloons

How extreme would you like to fly? From causual party to professional location party we can plan it all. Our clients are happy with our planning. Our planner will help you pick a date, theme, budget, location, vendors, venue, invitaions, guest list, every detail to help you enjoy the day with your child.

Call us today and book the date.

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