Wedding Venue

Lighting....Have you ever walked into a venue for the event your attending and thought WOW!

You were really sure why you thought WOW, you just did. It has to do with not only the decor, the lighting of the venue. What is it exactly that you want to express at your event?

Wedding Hall

Intimate tables of two or four at different hieghts of the ability for your guest to view what is happening without having to leave their seat. Color lighting on white tables reflects and projects color throughout the whole rooom.

Wedding Tables

The tables can be light with overhead lighting if you are in a theatre style, the lighting can be dimed or brighten depending on what is on the timeline. In this case Carter and Ashley decided on a simple but elegant style. They decided they didn't want floral arrangement and use lighting as the decor. Different lights lit up different areas. Purple reflects pinks, blue and yellow throughout the room. This effect can have you signiture in lights. It can be projected to the ceiling or the floor depending on where you want your guest to look. One projects it to the focal point of the room. You can use your first names of the couples, the traditional Mr. & Mrs. works as well. You can also place "Best Wishes" or "Congratulations". Then all those attending can feel part of the day or evening event.

Traiditional lighting

Here is another venue decor, it is thought of as a traditional or formal decor. The lighting and ceiling are to be considered when setting the placingsetting, so is the carpet. This formal venue would not need additional lighting, it is set up to have the focal point of the room be the chandelier lighting. Depending on your style will depend on the type of lighting you want for your event. If you have additional question please call MK Pure Diamond Events.

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