O.M.G.! I Only Have Nine Months Planning Your Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower what do you think you need to do first? OMG.....time flys quickly when you are pregnant. What is different between planning a baby shower and a wedding shower. When your pregnant your wishing your not really into it. Meaning your happy ( I hope) non the less your body just can't do what you want it to. At least that will be the mentallity of many around you say. The truth is your body changes during the 9 (nine) month. Both blessings and what feels like curses happen.

Baby Shower

Baby Girl Photograph

I laugh because if it's the first time. It is the most unique and beautiful experience I have ever had.

The woman's body is an amazing, God created body, that should be allowed to express, and articulate the meaning of life to all around. The importance of it.

What does that have to do with planning your baby shower? Planning this day you will need time and patience.


First, look into hiring an event planner to help you. Can afford one? Here are some tips that will help you.

1. Invitations: Check out the beautiful invitaitons, MK Pure Diamond Events has for youl. It is recommended you order them at least two months before you need it. It is also fun to consider unsing the same design for the baby announce ments.

2. Guest List: I told you to find your Invitations first because it is something that will get you excited about writing the guest list. It is a difficult thing for some. To try to figuire out who you can invite and who you can't.

3. Guest list is made, you know the date. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to recieve the gift and write the thank you's before the child is born. The best time is around the eight month.

4. Don't think that the purpose is going to be perfect and you won't be disappointed. Life happens, the goal is perfection. The reality is to have a well organized shower, where people enjoy being with you and your new baby.

5. Cake, decor, games, food for the event...is greater enjoyed if you get your friends involved. It is more beautiful if you keep in the theme of your invitation.

6. Make a list of all the items you'll need. The difficult part is finding the times you would like. There are stores that specialize in baby items and keep in mind, you can try the item out. It may look cute, practical and appropriate, however it may not work for your lifestyle. Keep your reciepts and know that they all have a return policy. Before you register with a store, find out their return policy. Some are only 30 days even if your haven't used the item. Baby r Us and Target have baby registry, however this is only two of many stores out there, depending on where you live.

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