Bride & Groom Table

Have you ever gone shopping just to see what is out there. That is new, modern, trendy? I did. Only to find out the most important words between a man and a woman are now for sale. It hit the commercial stores and out of the wedding planners hands. "I Do". " I Do!" Are the word spoken at most wedding at the moment of accepting you are married. That you commit yourself to having a life with another human being.

This change my thoughts of the words and the meaning. They are the only words I personally empowered my people on the day of their wedding. They each had a voice as individuals and they came together to say "I Do" to each other. It was a moment of honoring each other. A moment when the whole church comes together in agreement of the decision being made. A public statement of truth......what they will be to each other. It use to be supported. Now it is for sale at your local department store.

What is a Bride & Groom Table? What should it be equiped with?

1. The bride has prepared herself for the day. It takes time to get ready for the bridegroom.

2. It is cloth with fine linen. It is usually bright and pure.

3. Blessed are those that are invited to the marriage.

What does this look like? Modern Weddings sometimes, places the bride and groom with the wedding party at the seating arrangements.

You can also just have a table for a wedding couple or you can separate them for a table for two.

Bride and Groom Table

The bride and groom's table in a non-traditional wedding.

Wedding Table Classic

This round table, has the simple and classic look. Not really with a large decor or a without decor. The couple is using the decor around them as part of their decor.

Placesetting Wedding Table

The more traditional PlaceSetting on the wedding table, is with linen, traditional placesetting. The couple decided to add decor. The lavender spray as well as a tealight candle. It speaks a little of the couple and what they enjoy. I also love the fact the tealight candel is the couple gift to their guest.

Vintage Wedding table

The vitage table doesn't have the linen cloths, however they use linen as the napkin.

This wedding party decided to sit with the wedding guest. Not separating themselves from others.

One of the things I love about this table is the couple not only how pleasing and well balanced it is. It is beautifully set. The guest who rejoyced are immediately blessed with food and drink. Are they saying thank you?

Wedding's today have many looks and it is about finding your individual taste, style and speaking to your event planner about what is good for you. Many event planners choose to work with clients it is about the client....not about the event planner. The wedding event is about the desire of the client, it is my job to help the client create the their vision. Traditional, vintage, simplistic, or modern, whatever the style not all wedding tables are about the bride and the bridegroom. Sometimes, they are about the vision they have for their guest, themselves or just becuase thy like the decor, style an afforabilty. Extreme weddings weddings are a pleasure to design, however it is when you witness extreme love that ones love is blessed!

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