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Color Circle

What is your color palette and how do you like to express yourself?

Pink Flowers

There are flowers like woman who are very feminine. Yes, they don't like it ruff. They like gentle men. Just like there are men who don't like it ruff and no, they are not always feminine, they are gentlemen. Get it "Gentle Men". Urban Dictionary discribs it best as: A man of calm demeanor, strong preserve, intellectual thinking, polite yet meaningful speak and a good upbringing. A fighter for the cause of right with words, not guns. They do not mind the color pink as a matter of fact they know how to come along side this type of woman A definition most understand: Pink a clor of a color intermediate between red and white, as of coral or salmon.

There are as many flowers as there is people. How can one explain the beauty of a flower. To quote Tri-Color: "There is no fixed answer to this question and a good designer can get away with almost any number of colors. In general, however, the risk of using too many colors is greater than the risk of using too few."

Some woman like the stronger colors like red, navy blue, white. Colors evoke certain emotions and feeling towards your wedding. Now it is being called a "brand." I have to express my views on this. Branding was more about business, however if you are using your wedding as a brand for your marriage then I could see where you would want others to know your "Brand".

Red: hot, passion, love, rebellious, powerful, sex, radical, excited, bold and devil.

Green Boutique

Imagine the idea of "Branding" your Marriage with colors and things you enjoy. This would take comunication and thought. Green: enviromental, money, natural, organic, profit, earthly, grow, Dublin, trust, jealous. "Companies you might associate with Nvania, Mint, Starbucks. "

Color combining. Having more than one color in a boutique is called "Mix" boutique.

Orange is the primary color in this boutique. Warm, Fall, Summer, retro, mellow, solar, friendly, rococo, cottage, inviting. Not your personallity, then these colors may not be for you. You don't have to do any of the things I write about. That is what is so great about getting married today. It's not a "have too".

One of the cutes little flowers, with a strong fragrance. It's best to know what you are purchasing. I suggest before you choose the flowers in your botique, try to take a moment and smell their fragrance. It might be too strong for your wedding day. Meaning, flowers have an attraction. How lovely they are, reality sometimes people are allergic to their smell. Be sure to check. You and your fiance may not want to be sneezing all day. Or have the guess tell you, 'You smell!" unless it's part of your branding.

There are some coold websites that talk about branding, color, business and what is it all about. A guide to Choosing Color is one of the ones I used. Weddings are about the love the couple feels for each other. The day of their wedding should be about the love. Branding might just be a way of letting people in.

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