27 Reasons to ask Her/Him to Marry You!

(Okay, some of these are really superficial, and will help you get through the difficult times. Most of all you should like (common interest) being together and have things you can do together besides work, church and family. What is a relationship built on if not some of these?

1. I love you!

I Love You!

2. I like your wallet.


3. The size of your portfolio is perfect for me.


4. We could build a good life together.

Good Life

5. I think we will make beautiful children together.

Beautiful Children

6. We could live a happy life.

Happy Life

7. We could make beautiful music together.

Making Music Together

8 We could build a happy home, house, you louse together.

Happy House / Home

9. I love your eyes.

Beautiful Eyes

10. I love your, lips.

Beautiful Lips

11. You make me laugh.

Laugh Together

12. You make me smile.

Smile Together

13. You dress well.

Dress Well

14. You drive a nice car.

Nice Car

15. You come from good parents.

16. You smell good.

17. You taste good.


18. Your kisses leave me with.......


19. You get along with my friends.


20. You get along with my family.


21. My mom respects / adores you.

22. My dad adores / respects you.


23. Your kind.


24. Your thoughtful.


25. Your cute.


26. Your pretty / handsome.


27. You respect me as a person, individual with the right to an opinion, with individual thoughts, feelings, styles, personality.

Person Respect

Person Respect

Person Respect

Person Respect

Person Respect

Person Respect
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