Picnic For Two (2) Creating Romantic Moments Under Forty Dollars ($40.00)

Picnic for Two

I have often been told because I plan events for a living I am a "rich bitch". Guess what it is nothing like that. Event planner work on tip wages. We get paid a percentage of our clients wages. (A little like a waitress or a waiter) It is usually a price for a service provided with a whole lot more resposibility. Due to the fact I am personally offended by such names. "Rich Bitch, "Man Whore", or other names that imply I or anyone has to sell their body, spirit or mind to make a living. I decided to come up with the lowest price event I can think of . I nor is any nor is any other event planner responsible for your romantic life. That is a peraonal thing, what we do is plan the event. Not create the event in your life.

I will write a write a once a month Romantic Event Blog for a couples. Usually, the people I work with are couples although not always. The series is intiled "Picnic for Two". At somepoint I will purchase a picnic basket and life will become easier than always purchasing items to match the decor. That is what I recommend to most couples.

Picnic's are something anyone can put together. Under Forty dollars is the challenge part. What sex? Romance comes before sexs. What a girl (woman) that will love you back? You better have good thoughs about her rather than "When am I going to get in your pants." Yes, I know it sounds imature. The reality is it is the life long question. Male or female, someone always wants in someones pants.

Picnic for Two

For some reason the images I photographed yesterday are not uploading, please visit instagram.com/mkpde

They are of a picnic at Bates Nut Farm in Escondido. As I spoke with the owner if I could do a photoshoot there, she laughed, when I told her it was for Romantic locations to have picnics. She never usually thinks of her farm as a romantic location. It can be. There are lots of children, families and things to talk about. Romantic and sex or being alone is not the same thing. Romantic is a state of woeing, (Wooing: try to gain the love of (someone, typically a woman), especially with a view to marriage.) The woeing should not stop after you have your significant other. Male or Female. Picinic are the a relaxed way of doing that.

Here is the cost breakdown:

In this case the location was free

Water (San Pellegrio) on sale 2 for 3.00 $3,00

Candy (In this case it was Brachs) $2.50

Deliex Sandwhich $2.70

Apples (Lil Snapper) $3.41

Grapes $2.84 Total Cost: $14.45

The following items you should have at home and where purchased to add for decor purpose:

Drinkware (2) $2.05

Plates (2) $3,98

Bowls (2) $3.58

Salad Plate (2) $3.58

Flatware (only came in a set of 4) $5.41

Napkins (2) Create use of season dish towel $3.00

Centerpiece decor $3.00

Total Cost $24.60

Grand total spent $39.05

Table cloth used in photograph is a beach towel folded in

half to match the colors of the placesetting, apples and fall pumkins in the field. Cost: Free!

I suggest to get a picnic basket, your favorite blanket and find a location you would like to spend time with your best girl or gal. Just do it! Your relationship is only as good as the time you put into it.

To add Music consider:

Pinic in the Park

Picnic in the Park spotify.com

Click the link below to listen to Picnic in the Park Spotify on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/3roG9LTOE8fNl0N1hYxxyH


PS. I will try to upload the photographs from the photoshoot as soon as I can in the meantime visit Instagram.com/MKPDE More photographs posted on facebook.com/MariaKamonPhotogaphy Til next month.

Thank you to Bates Nut Farm for allowing Maria Kamon to take photograph and the couple that participated in the photoshoot.

Bates Nut Farm

15954 Woods Valley Rd, Valley Center, CA 92082

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