October Children's Party

Hi Reader.

I hear you....You don't want attend the local Havest Festival. Don't want your children Trick or Treatting. Not into the Haunted or Vampires or all that is scary...How about a themed party. Pumpkins, You don't have to do the scare and grave of things.....Not a requirement for life.

1. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. Purchase as many as you can. I recommend taking your children to visit Bates Nut Farm, so they can learn how pumpkins grow.


2. Decor: Place them in your Garden.... Hide them in places children wouldn't normally think of looking. Have them search for them.... Give them away as part of the goodie bag.

Pumpkin Carving

3. Have a carving contest. Who can create the best pumpkin. If they are small children have them decorate with paint, glue glitter or stickers.

Bob for apples

4. Have the children "Bob for Apples" Use the apples as decor prior to the activity.

Brown Bag

5. Brown bag...I should have posted this first. When the children first arrive at the party, have them decorate a brown bag... Now you have two items of groceries to place in the bag... Apples, pumpkin.


6. Candy.....have a candy table where the children can eat. You can have other food as well. The idea is to let them know they are not missing anything by not attending a Harvest Festival or Trick or Treating. You can also have a pinata if you perfer or have little bags were the can just serve themselves and take it home...just like a candy store. That way they will take what they can eat vs being forced to eat what they get. Life is about choices. If the child gets a tummy ach from over eating that is a natural consequence of their action. We all have natural consequences fro the choices we make.


The goal is to create good family memories. Have fun and to make sure you have a fun save holiday. Children grwo up in a moment. For more safety ideas visit http://www.mariakamon.biz

Cheers! Here is hoping you have a successful party.

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