October Holidays

Hi there, Reader;

I was thinking about all the different Holidays between October-January. How amazing it is to know that just about ever person I know celebrates at least one holiday during this season. It doesn't matter what is going on in ones life. When you look all around you all the material things around and the decorations make the world look beautiful.


1 International Day for the Elderly

2 World Smile Day first Friday of month

12 Columbus Day observed on second Monday

  • 12 Thanksgiving Day in Canada, 2nd Monday

  • 16 Boss's Day

  • 17 Sweetest Day 3rd Saturday

  • 24 United Nations Day aka Friendship Day

  • 24 Make a Difference Day 4th Saturday

  • 27 Sukkot begins at sundown

  • 31 Halloween

  • Daily October holidays and special day

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