The beauty of the event industry makes me look at the world through different eyes. It is eyes that is reminded of the youthful desire for Americas to be as beautiful to others as we are to ourselves. I read the newspaper and listen to the news and think to myself what is different today than in my youth?

We are faster than ever before. Why? Fast internet, Fast TV, Fast Relationships, Fast Sex, Fast Relationship, its like we are all about "Getting it Done" as Larry the Tool Guy said or was it Larry the "Red Neck". Anyway, that is not my point. My point is that it is not how beatiful the event looks on your "Big Day". Although I even love attending beatiful events with the "Wow" factor. It is even more fun producing them. However, the greatest feeling I have is when my clients are not in debt because of me and refer others, or they leave knowing that what they are in debt for will not take them the next 30 years to pay.

The beauty of the event is in the relationships, friendships, and referrals I get. Why becasue they know I am in the business of making beautiful. Maybe, not for movie stars, politicians, or big momey, maybe I am. That part is really none of your business. What is your business is why are you expecting from your next elected official?

Don't ask what will your country do for you, what will you do for your country....can't remember what president said that...Okay its a famous quote we all remember. Except the new generation. You will have to look that one up. Your a generation who has grown up with everything fast. Ask your Presidents how fast will they get our of debt. Who will pay the "man", I happen to call him bill.

Debt Free America

Visit my page on to view video. Had difficulty uploading to this blog.

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