Cake Toppers

The World Chocolate Masters are underway in the Olympics of chocolate. They design and create the most fabulous cakes, treats and food that anyone can image. As I was reading about the latest and greatest, it inspired me to think of what a couple go through to decide what cake and topper to choose. We know that it is about beauty to a degree. Definately you want the cake to taste good. It is also about first impressions, design, feel and all the other feelings it envokes for your guest. Personally, I enjoy letting the personality of the couple show in the cake choices they make rather than the decor and the design of their event. Yes, it is about that as well, why not have fun with this area and make it a good experience.

Floral Cake Topper

Floral cake topper can represent the brides botique or just the decor. They can be real or fresh or they can be created with royal icing, foundaint, sugar. It all depends on your tates. There is so much to plan for that if you have never been to a tasting it is best to take or higher a professional event planner to take with you.

Tasting Tips

1. Take someone with you. I also recommend you take a professional.

2. Only plan a tasting at one bakery at a time.

3. Plan to go to lunch afterwords. (Discuss, which cake you like best and take notes if you have planned other tastings.) Lunch will get you off the sugar high.

4. It is acceptable to ask to drink something to cleanse the pallet, during each tasting allowing you to taste the different flavors. Usually offered: water, milk, coffee or tea.

5. If you know what design you want bring pictures, photographs or sketch. If not they have photogaphs of past cakes they have designed you can create your own from their design.

6. Pricing: Cakes are priced by the slice. They can range from $2.50+ if you take the lowest cost at $2.50 x 500 guest = $1.250 for the cake.

7. Know your budget.

Heart Cake Toppers

The top of the cake says something about the two individuals getting married. Two hearts become one.

Monogram Cake Toppers

Monogram it is saying you are Mr. & Mrs. and taking his last name as yours. Normally the largest letter is the last name and the other two are the couplse names.

Number Topper

You can also put the number of years you have been together for an anniversary celebration or the number of the birthday year.

Fig Topper

This event had a purple theme and they didn't want to have just cake for all their guest, they choose to have enough dessert for their guest with a variety of itmes. ​The symbol of prosperity and security. What item has meaning for you? Get creative and place it on the top of your cake.

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