To Marry or Not to Marry

That is the question. How do I decide it is time to get married? This is one of the most difficult dicisions you will ever make. Is knowing when you as an adult are ready to marry anonther person. I would say it is an adult decision and not one that should be played with. The most important thing is knowing that each person decides for themself. It has no age attachment.

Engagement rings

1. You enjoy spending time with the person. The relationship between you is more than the emotions you feel with the other person. Each time you have had to trust the person they have followed through for you and been there for you. You know you love him/her.... Love is alot about trust and very little about sex.


2. Your thoughts about what a future with the person begin to show up. You probably feel sexual tension and sex is important in a marriage, however a relationship is about intimacy. The act of sex can easily be misunderstood. Sex does not equal love and love does not equal sex. Intamacy and trust go together to establish a relationship with a good foundation.

Rings on a Pillow

3. Before you place your rings on a pillow, what is it that you find most interesting about the other person? Trust? Money? Responsibility? Character? When you speak to the person how do they respond? The look in their eyes? Their reaction? What types of situations have you seen the other person in? Work? Play? Streessed? Relaxed? With money? Without money? How many different places have you been with the person. How do they respond in social gatherings? Do they make you feel important or tear you apart? Are they a positive thinker or negative? How does that fit with your personality.

Double Ring

4. I love this photograph. It is what it will look like for the rest of your marriage. The relationship will become about the both of you. The home you purchase, the house you live in the decisions you make have to be make with both of you in mind. What is best for both of you? I want you to know carreer decisions? Having children? Finances? Family? Friends? Car you drive? Insurance? Even the daily food you eat is affected by the relationship you have. I know it sounds like a bunch of lies, however it is the truth. What you enjoy doing? All the facets of the personality is known in marriage. It is important to know that it is knowing when you have an intimate relationship and are about to communicate the love you share with more than sex. Words, feelings, emotions should all be able to be expressed in a healthy way. Sometimes the marriage get place to one side to decide what is best for the family future and then it get placed in the middle and becomes what is most important in the relationship. The foundations of where it all began "Love for one another." Respect! Is respect and honor the same in your relationship? It is for some, it's not for others, you decide.

The Wedding Day

5.The finaly decision. Do you love each other enough to take it before God? If God was standing before you and my teaching tells us we will all be standing before Him, would you have the courage to say you love this person. I know that is the toughest question I ever asked myself. If the person I was about to marry. Would I be willing to testify in heaven and on earth I love them, without a doubt. I use them, because I believe there is not one person on earth who has not been at one time influenced by others. The person you about to marry was born to a mother and father and maybe they have siblings. When you get married you marry all of the person...the family is part of the package.

How do you know your ready? You know the many ways that they are and love them anyway!

That is my thoughts on the subject.

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