Covet Events

What is it that you want I ask my clients...

Event Planner Maria Kamon
Event Planner Binder

As I take notes so I can get them a bid. "Reality Check"






I want flowers everywhere, pink is my color they are gentle like I am. Flowers on the table, in the chandellier, on the arch, on the stage a wall of flowers, soft gentle flowers that will flood my guest with emotions as they enter the room. I will have about 300-500 guest.

I want ... a venue that will allow me the freedom to do what I want...


Tent Venue

The venue has to be perfect. It needs the elegance of a tent and stars in the evening and the sterdiness of a building where we can dance and party and neighbors will not be upset.

I want...a husband or man that will give me anything I ask for...


I want a husband with all the money I need to live life to my standards not anyone elese. My lifestyle.

I want....a wife or woman that will give me anything I ask for....


I want a wife that will provide me with all the sex, and looks that will establish me to my executive position. One that makes me look good.

I want....Jimmy Choo Shoes...

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Only the best on my feet. I will be your princess and you my king.

I want a dress by Vera Wang, Nicole, or a major venue....

Wedding Dress

Formal Dress

Dresses, dresses dresses, I need cloths to wear to all the events we will be attending.

I want...a diamond, a rock, a carrat bigger than my mothers...

Diamond and Pearls

Diamond Earrings

Diamond Tierra

What princess is without, that her prince could not provide?

All these questions I ask and the I want goes on and never ends...

I get all my information together. Total up the amount of money it will cost for all the things needed to plan this type of event. It takes hours to get estimates design plan and have a proposal for the client, all of this is unpaid. The client then says I have to think about it? Or isn't it free? I thought you planned events for the stars.... I am just hear for what I Covet.

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