Picnic for Two "CAKE" (Just under Forty $40.00)

Have you ever heard of a song named "Cake by the Ocean"? There is a Christain verson and a secular verson. I was listening to the radio when I got this silly idea. What place did I know in Encinitas were I would enjoy just sitting and having conversation with my love. Spending time in a picnic is suppose to be romantic. It was in the yesteryears. When life was slower. We want everything so fast now.

The idea of Picnic for Two is to take time for romance without the expense. I discovered that we are always asked for money. By our teenagers, young adults as they travel into adulthood only to discover that the best times in life they didn't spend any money. The goal: finding a way to Romance your girl or guy as economically as possible. Why not a "Cake by the Ocean".

In Encinitas there is this little tiny park, where only a few people can fit at a time it is located at "H Street. It is a quiet place, perfect for conversation, realing watching the sunrise, sunset, or like when I took the photography in the middle of the day.

If you bring music play it softly, not to disturb the neigbors. Speak softly: "He will make many supplications to you? Will she speak softly?" one of the best quotes there is. When you are in the moment you will hear the truth. There is nothing greater than hearing the truth of someone you love or loves you.

Pinic for Two "Cake"

Some people forget, Romance is part of dating, so is friendship.

Here we have a nice little placesetting with Placemats, with Cake on the plate, lemonade to drink.

Picnic for Two "CAKE"

As you can see it is an awesome view of the Ocean. The day is a beautiful day and although the linen was a little wrinkled in the transporting og these items, it shouldn't matter to your date. It's the effort that counts.

Remember we are staying under $40.00.

Bucket $9.95

Plates and other placesetting $13.12

Food $ 7.24

Total Cost 30.31

Remember there is some Danger in Eating "Cake by the Ocean". There is only danger in romancing when the un-explected happens...you fall in love.

When you do call MK Pure Diamond Events and we will be happy to plan your wedding,

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