What Makes a Bride Beautiful

What makes a bride beautiful? I was thinking about who the bride is really trying to be beautiful for. When I think of my own wedding, I think back to all the preparation, dresses I tried on and their was only one dress I thought he would think I looked beatiful in. After I tried that dress on I went to other bridal botiques and kept picking the same one. I knew it was "the dress".

I like other event planners serched the web trying to find how I felt the day of my wedding Buzz feed had the best expression of the wow factor we want to share with our grooms.

24 Grooms Blown Away (Click on Link)


I think you will enjoy looking at the faces of these grooms. How exciting it is to know you got him on that day. The most important day of your life and your booth together. On my wedding day, I remember, before walking down the isle, there was a small waiting room with a place to pray. My dad had passed away and I had to ask my brother-in-law to walk me down the isle, my grandfather couldn't he was firelle by the time. In this room, of my christian churh their was a "Beautiful Wall". I don't know what they called it I know I just stop there kneeled down and begain to ask God to please bless my marriage. It was a moment of fear, excitement, joy, excitement. There is this moment in a womans life where you know that you are either making the best choice in your life or the greatest failure. I knelt their praying asking, thinking waiting for the wedding to start and all of the student I hear this rumbling noise and an awwww! I turned around to find the whole church staring at me. What a moment. I didn't know they could see in. I backed away from the window embrassed. I am not sure why. I think it is I was caught in a very intimate and selfish moment. That moment created that what I call the wow moment. What does this have to do with wedding dresses? Nothing other than to tell you to find the dress you love, feel good in feel beautiful in and it will make him have the wow factor for you. By the way, I never invited him to go shopping or get involved with the braidesmaids or wedding dresses. He did his part of wedding planning and just like all couples we argued, yelled, madeup and made decisions that we made. We did the best we could with what we had at the time.

Here is to the 2016 Spring Collection of Oscar del la Rente....May finding your dress bless your life with many years of marriage.

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