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Thanksgiving Tables

I was thinking about what happened in Paris this year and tables at events. I know it doesn't make sence. Give me a moment to explain. Tables in the history of the United States are very biblical if you take them all the way back in time. Even the Pilgrims and Indians gave thanks that first November. We eat until our stomachs are full. Then we eat left overs for the rest of the weekend.

Beautiful Events

We set a beautiful table. It is something that is set also at events. It isn't the fancyness of it at this year it is the truth of it. It's decor! Let's get real. It's about how decor makes people feel. We are grateful for living in a country where men and woman are equal. Where the color of your skin isn't suppose to matter.

A place were a beatiful table means more than just .... I have money, it means sit, lets visit lets share a moment in time, lets remember this day together, let us laugh, rejoice, talk, share, cry if we have too. Share this moment with me and tell me about yourself.


Tables can be in different shapes; round, square, oval, rectangle, or custom made for the event your planning. Resturants all over the United States will be serving Thanksgiving dinners to those who for some reason or another will not be celebrating at home. Our friends who travel will be going out to dinner and trying to purchase an item that reminds them of home and Thanksgiving.

Banquet Tables

This is the season when if you research in History, it's considered a banquet. A harvest of abundance brings a harvest of plenty. The pilgrims without the indians would not have succeeded. The idians without the pilgrims would have not have had such abundance. It was a "Bounty of Plenty" (I remember one time we my family and I went fishing for some reason we caught more fish than expect. The place were we were vacationing would freeze them for us. That year we brought fish home for family friends and anyone else who wanted. It was a bountiful year fishing. )Both Pilgrims and Indians were grateful with one another. They both worked together to survive. It is bounty.


Cornucopia the sybol of plenty. The bounty is plentiful, therefore I am grateful. I am grateful because the bounty is plentiful. I trust, yours is plentiful. The scarecrow keeps the unwanted animals from eating the bounty.

Event Talbes

Planning any event you have to work with the event planner to have an event you want. The event planner has experience to planning all the details. They are on the side of helping you make smart choices. That does not mean they are on your side, if it goes against their business. Did I make myself clear in understanding? I am on my side of having, running, and having a business that produces an income for me to life off of. Just like your work place. Your executives are on the side of having a successful buiness. Don't get me wrong, they care about you. They want you too succed, just like I want my clients to suceed. I also want to suceed in having a positive business. What is it that you want to accomplish by hiring me to produce your event? What is your goal? I want an event! Great! Then what type of event is it. Wedding? Celebration? Personal? Business? Let's talk. Event's aren't free! Therefore, please understand I like any other business person expect to be paid for my services.

Let's hope everyone this Holiday season has a Safe and Happy Season! Peace!


Peace Symbol

May Peace be with you as we enter the 2016 year. (Drawing by Maria Kamon) Follow MKPDE on Tweet @MKPDE

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