The Changing Business Meeting Style

Do you remeber when meetings were just about getting a piece of paper and pen. Walking over to a place or driving to a meeting space seating down and taking notes. This has been a changed world for sometime now.

With it has arrived a more difficult to engage, entertain and envolve the employee at your business meetings or seminars.

Holistic Approach to meetings means putting thought into how the people in your business will understand the message you are trying to give.

Business Meeting MK Pure Diamond Events

Helping your participants interact more with the message you are trying to get them to understand.

Attending a business meeting recently I enjoyed learning what the speaker was trying to encourage event planners to do for their clients/customers.

Insight: Have insight to the customers. Not only my client/customer equally as important are your clients or customers.

Empowerment: We all want to feel like we are behind the drivers wheel and not someone else. We are driving ourselves. Make sure you let the person feel empowered.

Storytelling: Engage the customer / client by sharing what your business / company is about.

Real Time Engagement: Ecouge the customer or client to get envolved. By using an app or being part of the activties planned for the day.

Decision for MK Pure Diamond Events

Having materials that the client will interact with on not only paper also computers, ipads or smart devices, so they can feel engaged while learning.


Using an ipad or app to have all the presentation notes, can allow the individual to better interact with the speaker, as well as have the information they need at a touch.

The holistic approach is about caring. It is important that person feel like they have been heard.

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