Beverage Stations Getting Creative @ Events

Coffee / Dessert Station

One of the things I love about event stations is creating things for the guest to do while the couple is taking photographs or just enjoying thier own event. What better way then what is #trending. Trending for 2016 is Beverage Stations. In the past there was Food Stations. You normally had one beverage station.

The most confortable for guest is pair food with beverage. For example coffee or hot chocalate station with dessert or wine with cheese.


Mojitos with a main dish or appetizers such as seafood or entre from the tropics.

Fresh Fruit Bellinis

As you think of the beverages you will be serving for your guest be sure to cosider the cost and how many different style drinks you would like to serve.

Fruit Bellinis Station

Sangrea and Fresh Fruit Bellinis is two different stations you could include for your guest. Making sure the guest know that there is the option for "virgin" or non alcoholic beverages at each station.

Beer Station

Beer has changed since in the last few years from the average man's drink to gromet. Depending on the types of beer you will be serving will depend on the food station you will have next to it.

Coffee Station | Expresso

Every one loves a good cup of coffee. Let's face it its a Starbucks generation. We can stop there for coffee, it's more than that coffee, coffee has always been known for meeting with friends and family and having conversation. Many people just enjoy sitting down with you and having a cup of coffee. There use to be this expression that you would invite a neighor over for a cup of coffee to get to know them. I even remember having a new neighbor tell me, let get together for a cup of coffee. I replied sure, when? Her reply was when you'd like. Little did I know in her country that meant the next day. She plan and waited for me to show up and then thought I was a rude american for not doing so. Lesson learned. You need to ask the person when and where. In an event it creates a relaxed atmospher.

Here is a list of Beverage Stations you can create for your guest at your next event.

Book with MK Pure Diamond Events we have many ideas that will help you succeed at your next event.

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