Picnic For Two "Rock"

Hi there, Readers;

I love it when people read my blog. Thank you for doing this. I love challenges and one of them I recieved was "How do I plan an event for under forty dollars ($40.00)." It's Christmas Time and there are many places in San Diego that are decorated for the season. Yes, I could have chosen any one of them. I didn't. Why because a Picnic is about getting away from it all. It's not about how much you send it is about the time you spend together sharing moments, conversation and being understanding of one another.

My couple took a long drive along the 101 Coast Hwy stopping at the beatiful location. They went for a walk. Holding hand along the beach as they walked and shared conversation about their future. I quickly got out of the car and set up their Picnic for Two on a Rock. Rather a silly thing to bring a charger plate and glass ware to the beach. Something fragil with such a hard service as a Rock. Isn't that what a relationship is? We all like to think that our relationships are perfect and can endure all things, they are our rock, best friend, our strength. They always have our best interest in mind.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. It is beatiful words love grows from. The desire of couples. Remembering where you came from and where your going is important. More important is reviewing "where you came from and where your going each year. That's what 'Picnic for Two" is all about. Placing couples together for a future and a hope. Marriage.

In this case, my couple was about to be proposed to. A man knows he is in love with the woman he is about to propose two.

The setting is hugh we are at a local only spot in North County, San Diego. The drive along the coast with the music playing set the mood. The event planner with the client planned the menu.

Chocolate Milk



It wasn't about the food...It was about setting up the moment. Merry Christmas! Will you marry me?

There getting close now, I have to drive away and let them have there moment. I enjoy my privacy and respect my clients rights to have the same. I am praying she will say Yes to your question.

I know you will call me to plan your weddings. Already have the "Save the Date" marked in my calendar on the dates we discussed. See you in 2016 for the "Engagement Party"!

Happy New Year!

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