Picnic For Two Under Forty ($ 40.00) Dollars- Encinitas Park

This moth was a little difficult for me to decide exactly where would be a good place for a Picnic for Two. Not because of lack of place, it was more a place that you would want to bring a date to, however not be overwhelmed with nothing to say.

2016 March with Daylight Savings, St. Patricks Day, Palm Sunday, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter a month filled with things to do. I didn't want the pinic to be looked at just another thing to do.

Let's think about the chanllege I was given. To plan a "Picnic for Two" for less than forty dollars ($40.00). My choice was a park in Encinitas. It is off two very know streets, however when you are there it doesn't feel like you are next to a public street. There are many things to do.

1. Play tennis

2. Children's Area

3. You can bring your yoga matt and practice yoga together

4. They have a certain type of habitat there and you can walk the trail and read about the local species, along the river.

When your all done sit down and enjoy the picnic you brought. This time I made some items and purchase some to make it a delicious and fun day for my guest.

There is this one location in the park at 95 N Vulcan Ave, Encinitas, CA 92024 where there is only one picnic table. Perfect for Two. Private enough so you can have a conversation quietly, public enough so you will not be all alone. This is a good location for those new to dating, romancing or just trying to get to know each other.

The picnic included easter eggs, strawberry pie or strawberry tart, depending on how you make it. Poweraide and Poor Boy Sandwich.

The Strawberry Pie I made. It took two baskets of strawberrys, crust was purchased to make it easier on myself and to save time.

Sometimes I just enjoy having fun with my camera and I get unexpected photo shots that's what these are.

Just a little blur of the camera and it looks like a whole nother photograph.

This is the greaters of fun when you see, the fun of photography can change the thoughts of how we react to what we eat.

The location of the table in the middle of the circle is a quiet and confortable location. For thoses who need privacy then picnics might not be for you. Unless you plan one in your home.


Poor Boy Sandwich aka Sub Sandwich 5.95

Strawberries 9.98

Crust 4.99

Lemonade .89

Decor 8.72

Total Cost 30.53

Total Cost was $40.00 -30.53 = $9.47 under budget. Now I choose to share my Poor Boy aka Sub Sandwich with my person, it was more fun to steal from their plate, you can just purchase another one and you'd still come under budget.

Decor was charger plate with easter grass, then you place an dinner plate on top, I choose to put a clear plate on top and it didn't show up on the photographs, therefore it gives the affect of eatting on the grass. You can use your imagination on that one. Easter eggs filled with whatever you'd like. I used items around the house...used it like a white elephant gifts, plus the traditional candy....I did put a strawberry or two so that my guest would know if treated in appropriately, I like most woman bruse. Now some might think nothing of a picnic or that they are stupid and a date to Starbucks is better. That's a personal choice. I don't plan picnics for everyone. I plan them for guest I plan on having a converstation with othr than things, possessions, or I wants. It keeps you out of the I have to purchase something and into the reality of relationships. Not worth the time of a picnic...don't date them.

See you in April for my next Picinic for Two under Forty ($40.00) Dollars

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