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Planning a wedding? Not sure if you want it in San Diego or in some other city, country, county. It sounds so romantic to plan events far from home, friends, family. Maybe, you can just ellope. Then you can save yourself the bridezilla effect and your groom will still be the romantic man you know instead he has become a Groomzilla or one of the dudes. Thinking more about the reality of it all. Forgetting the Romance and the love your suppose to feel.

You can have both with planning your wedding in another country like Europe. Why because the United States like thier couples to be married in the United States for legal reasons when raising children or marital dispute. Elope in the United States and then plan a wedding at the destination of choice. I know this is true in California and Navada has their own legal issues. If you are taking this advice do it within the state you will be living.

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Helpful tips:

1. Bride and groom are responsible from payment of the wedding reception, entertainment and decor.

2. It is acceptable to pay for the guest who are struggle financially and would not be able to attend. Otherwise guest are expected to pay for themselves.

3. When you decide to plan a destination wedding send a "Save the Date" card 12 months in advance. This is earlier that tradition. It is to allow the guest time to make travel arrangements. That means prior to sending the card you know some information about the location and hotel. If you don't then you can't expect them to book their travel plans until later. If you do it will help them know how much to budget for.

4. Letting friends know if they are are invited is always a difficult thing. Use tact and tell them it is an affair for close friends and family. I also like to add if you can afford it you can have a gathering after you return for those who couldn't attend. Share photographs or you can plan a informal dinner after the elopment.

5. Gift is considered ediquette to provide your guest with a gift bag. My favorite thing is a small basket filled with items they will use during thier stay. You can include a beach bag, sandals, sunscreen or food items. They can recieve it at check in or you can request to have it placed in their rooms.

6. Wedding gifts I would suggest you ask your guest not to bring them to the wedding. That you want them to have fun and the traditional gifts are not much fun to travel with. Therefore, if they would be so kind they could -please have them sent to your residence or your parents house. Take the time to open the gift and send a thank you when you recieve them. The sooner you do this the less it will weight on your mind.

7. Pre-determine if you want Adults only or if you will allow families. If you are allowing familys then the events or activities planned, you have to take into account to plan for child care.

8. Social Media....always use grace and tact, when explanning the details using social media such as Facebook or Tweet. Be sure to look up the latest on etiquette as it is always evolving. Consider the guest and friends you will not be as much as those your are inviting. Therefore, use caution when posting all the details of wedding location, details, pick up times and drop of times.

Most of all not only consisder budget consider the legalities of it all and ask questions. Then ask questions in of the venue within your state compare the two.

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