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Let me start this blog by saying. I am not a wedding photographer, however I have had the priviledge of working with many of them. There job is not an easy one. It is a task of trying to get the perfect photo of the perfect moment. Although I enjoy assisting, maybe that comes from planning weddings. I don't enjoy being the lead photographer. I would rather help the couple with posing, or the family member who just doesn't understand when to look at the camera rather than the person who isn't in the photograph at the moment.

I do enjoy being the second photographer or what is called sometimes as the "Second Shooter".

Who do you really look at when being photographed at a wedding.

1. The photographer.

2. The groom or bride.

3. The view.

The photographer should be able to tell you. However when you are looking through the lens trying to get the photograph into focus it isn't always as easy as talking. Every time you pull down the camera to instruct you have to refocus on the details again and the photo moment changes.

#Wedding #Ediquette #Photography.


1. If you are paying for a photographer to photograph you wedding. Photographer should ask you if you would allow them to post your photographs on their website or social media. It is most likly in the contract you sign. It's normaly a paragraph in the contract under "Model Release".

2. They should have you make some kind of list of who you want to be photographed with. They should include photograph with Mom, Dad, Sister, Brothers, Family...if your a detailed person, talk with your venue or the event planner and plan locations. It is more likely you have visited the venue more than the photographer unless they are a perfered vendor from the venue.

3. Social Media....Martha Stewart said it best in her new book when she wanted couples to know they can ask their guest not to post their wedding photographs on social media. Photographs of the brides dress before she walks down the isle is considered tackie, a lack of ediquitte and therefore must be discussed with not only the photopher, friends and family.

4. You should always know the cost of the photography session, how many hours the photography will be shooting photographs and the approximately number of photographs or shoots. When you will have them. How many prints are included and if you get the CD of it. Now with the use of digital photography photographs can be uploaded right away, however not all photographers like working that way. Sometimes, we just take a photograph we don't want anyone to see, when one is speed shooting. Not all people are beautiful all the time. I like to call this Human Nature.

Rule Benders

1. Let's face it we all have those family members and friends that love to bend the rules. Make sure you ask them to # Hashtag the photos taken if they are posting them on social media, allowing you can get them and create your own album.

2. Photographs of the couple. Here is the one that is difficult for family and guest, sometimes better for the couple and a very personal decision between the couple. Will you take photographs first before the ceremony. Sometimes couples like that wow moment to be just between them and caught in photographs. Other couples perfer to do it after the ceremony. The wow moment is caught as she first arrives to walk down the ilse if this is the case then two photographers are needed. One taking photographs of the groom the other of the bride.

3. Reception: Will you be the couple who wants to see the reception area before the guest arrive and have a quiet first dance together. Then re-enter after the guest arrive or will you just wait and do it all at one time. Enter and dance the first dance to get the reception started, allowing guest to have dinner and dance.


1. conventional requirements as to social behavior; proprieties ofconduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.

2. a prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters of ceremony, as ata court or in official or other formal observances.

3. the code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or actionamong the members of a profession in their dealings with each other:

medical etiquette.

The definition explans exactly the purpose of the word and why it exist. It helps people feel comfortable. I am sure you want what is best for you guest. Therefore in order to do this please communicate with all people involved, event planner, officient, venue, photographer. Since most people are getting married for the first time your not sure exactly what to say, then ask questions.

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