Tradition of Throwing Rice @Weddings

Why do we want to throw an item at the bride and groom as they are leaving. I was thinking about this the other day when I thought of it from anothers perspective. Throwing something at another human being might be considered an act of violence. However, this is not the intention at a wedding, unless you covet the couple then it might be. You shouldn't attend in that case. Covet your own life, that you may be saved.


Now to the reality of the tradition and putting away my silly attempt at humor in writing this blog.

Tradition of rice throw is like "Good Wishes". Wishes for a propersous and happy life together filled with abundance in love, money, food. Properous means different things to different people, therefore I don't like to use that word.

I found this to be one of the best quotes of what it is about taken from instant answers.

"Apparently the tradition of people throw rice at weddings to newlyweds began in ancient Rome. As it turns out, my parents really weren’t far off the mark. It was done to wish the bride and groom good luck, fertility, and plenty in their future life. Other countries have thrown different items at newlyweds, but food and seeds have always been favorites. Wedding guests in Morocco gather round to toss raisins and figs at the couple to ensure a fruitful union. In France it’s wheat, in Italy sweetened nuts and candies, and in some other European countries, they even throw eggs at the newlyweds. Today preferences have turned to throwing birdseed or blowing bubbles, but the symbolism is the same. It’s all a way of wishing the newly joined couple a bright and prosperous future. I personally think bubble blowing is the gentlest way to shower the bride and groom. I can tell you from experience getting smacked in the face with raw rice stings and you’ll spend hours trying to pick all the grains from your hair and out of your clothing."

Today's traditions have used to be able to throw rice or birdseed, they are both forbidden at venues and churches. Why? Due to lawsuit. I know it sounds stupid or silly, how many things in life have change due to someone slipping and falling and blaming the location or couple for what happen to them.

Here are some alternatives for the Exit Toss.

1. Dove release (one of my favorites, due to the breathtaking effect it offers the guest) I love how guest react when they leave a wedding church and our standing waiting for the couple to come out. The couple comes out and a bunch of doves are realeased into the air. It is one of those beatiful symbols of life we enjoy seeing. This usually takes place leaving the ceremony beore the reception. No worries the doves fly back to where the trainer has trained them to fly.

2. Bubbles (Small bottles of bubble are handed to the guest and the guest blow bubbles as the couple leaves/) Make sure you pass out some type of hand wipe, it can get messy.

3. Butterfly release. (Seasonal)

4. If you don't want to do anything after the ceremony you choose to have something after the reception and your reception last until night. Then you can use fireworks or sparklers for the guest.

The Knot wrote this articles on Creative Exit Toss.

Whatever you choose to have thrown at you, make sure you clear it with your event planner and your venue. I want to reasure you they are rules for a reason. No church, venue or event planner wants to ruin you wedding or event. The rules are usually in place for public safety.

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