The Table Scapes

Square Tables

What's the big deal...I'm planning an event and don't really care about the tables. Don't understand why I am being asked so many qyestions. The understanding is about in reguards to how you want your event percieved. It is also reguarding how you want your guest to experience your event. Square tables. Cost more, however you are pairing your guest for an intimate dining experiece. Meaning they usually only sit four. If the event is couple only then it may be easier to plan out the seating arranges. It normally cost more for flowers, decor, and the number of tables for the event.

Round Tables

Round tables: You'll need to decide seating for 8,10. 12. The same thing for oval tables. The cost may vary depending on how many guest you want seated at each table. Just like a venue has the fire marshall code meaning the number of people allowed at a venue, you'll have to consider the number of guest you will have at your event. No one wants to sit at a table intended for 12 and have only 6 seated. The floral or centerpiece can be longer and will also be determined by the number of guest seating at the table and if you want your guest to have a conversation with the person across from them or you are looking to make the venue elegant by the floral decor.

Round Tables
Banquet Tables

This can be fun to style. We know the original banquet table had how many seated? Not exactly may personal favorite at an event. Why? Although the decor can be beautiful. I find it unfortable for the guest. If you are seated in the middle and need to get up for any reason you have to walk in between rows of chairs sometimes hitting the people seated, just becasuse we all don't sit at the table the same. Some people don't push their chairs in all the way. Another reason is body size matters when trying to decide how to set the placesettings. They should be measured a distance apart.

I do enjoy design the designing and decoroating that will fit my paying customers needs. It can become overwhelming, that is why MK Pure Diamond Events is here to come along side and help you plan out every detail of your event. Book your appointment today.

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