What is appropritate at an event for flowers? Does one have to have flowers everywhere? What is too much and what is too little.

Flower etiquette:

First ask yourself.

1. What items other items do I want to use for decor.

2. What is the theme that I am trying to create.

3. What is my budget?

4. What is my realizitic budget?

Flowers Decor

It is my believe that flowers make everything look beautiful. I love walking into a venue where there are floral arrangements everywhere.

What is the etiquette. What your budget can afford. You can have as many or as little floral as your budget will allow. They are a form of decor at an events. However, if you are going to use other forms of decoration now that they can clash or not mix well. This is why the importance of having a good florist and event planner who can help coordinate your vision with the decor the venue has along with the ideas you have. Not all things work together in perfection to create an event of you dreams or imagination.

Large botiques, meaning foral arrangements in the middle of the table can sometimes create a lack of conversation across the table. Depending on the hieght will determine upon how much converstation your guest will have to the person across the table.

Wedding botiques: There are many forms and designs of wedding botiques. The trend is gathered flowers tied with ribbon.

Wedding Botique

Wedding Botiques

Here is an example of two treding types of weddding botiques. Both are cut flowers however one has berries and the other doesn't. It's a matter of personal taste, perference.

Here is a video of creative floral decor. Great or small it depends on your personal taste. These things are planned with your event planner, wedding planner, or business meeting planner.

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