Venue Shopping

Hi There, Readers;

It's time to plan your event and you are in a hurry to educate yourself on what the wants, needs, and desires are that will equal your expectations of what you want your event to look, feel like. Here is a quick guide.

Venue shopping:

1. Location, location, location!


Location, Location, Location!

2. What does it include?

a. Color Scheme

b. Planner

c. Food / Drinks

d. Nights stay

e. Dance Floor

f. Tables & Chairs

g. Lighting

h. Sound System

3. Does it have a separate area where your guest can mingle (enjoy cocktails and appetizers) before entering the venue to eat?

4. How will your guest be treated while they are waiting?

5. How does the venue photograph?

Good Venue

6. Does the venue cost fit in your budget?

Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

7. Does it have an outdoor area your guest can walk into for quiet time or to have s conversation with others.

8. For weddings: Does the venue have a private room to change allow you to have privacy, quiet time and change out of your wedding dress or tux.

Quiet Place to be alone.

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